Flood Certifications

Providing Clients Nationwide Flood Zone/Hazard Determinations

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Flood Reports Include - Life-of-loan tracking &
Census Tract Information.

Nationwide Coverage!

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"Ensuring Your Portfolio is above water."


bul.jpg (1144 bytes) Flood Certifications

      * Guaranteed Accurate. $5 Million in E&O insurance.
* Internet Web Access. Majority returned instantly. Manual
    determinations returned on 4-6 hour average. If property is near a
    floodzone, it will be processed manually to ensure determination.
* Rush service at no extra charge.

bul.jpg (1144 bytes) Life-of-Loan Monitoring of FEMA Map changes

     * Regularly Updated to Ensure full compliance regarding any
           FEMA Map Panel change or Letters of Map Amendment

bul.jpg (1144 bytes) HMDA/Census Tracking

bul.jpg (1144 bytes) Special Requests / Ordering

        * Can review every previous Flood Certification pulled, plus print
            your portfolio determinations.
            Print Standard FEMA Flood Determination forms on your computer.
* Forced Placed Insurance. Re-Investigations. Rush Service.

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